Welcome to JP Benante Photography!!

My name is JP Benante and I am a self-taught enthusiast photographer living in the Washington DC metro area. My passion for photography grew out a love of the outdoors and the beauty of Mother Nature. Growing up in New York state I was a constant explorer of some of the most wonderful parks in the northeast United States. A strong sense of adventure inspires me to see and experience the best the Earth has to offer and the thrill of those journey's keeps me going wherever I may be. I enjoy both the technical and artistic challenges of the photographic process, whether in a digital or film format, and I have found that the only thing more satisfying that creating a wonderful image is the determination to improve after creating a disappointing one.

When not behind the camera I indulge in many other neglected hobbies, including: running; hockey; traveling; being a complete science geek; and destroying good pizzas.

Thanks so much for stopping by to see a little bit of my photography. Please feel free to email me and network on Facebook and Flickr.


JP Benante